Hannah Watters

A London-based artist and designer

Hannah studied History of Art & Italian at Edinburgh University (whilst painting on the side!) and has since lived in London for over 5 years working in Luxury Travel PR, utilising her Italian language skills. Applying her creative flair and knowledge to the field, she has worked with clients ranging from boutique interior designers, Italian villa companies to one of the largest international luxury hospitality companies in the world.

Whilst normally leading her busy life in London, Hannah took solace in the English countryside where she grew up, growing vegetables during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. 


Her first collection celebrates the very best of British produce and botanicals and these were the source of inspiration for her latest 'Kitchen Garden' collection.

Being fluent in Italian and having lived in Rome and Florence, Hannah couldn't resist giving the individual watercolour prints in the 'Kitchen Garden' collection an Italian twist.

Hannah Watters.jpeg